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How Do I Speed Up A Slow Wordpress Site?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help or answer questions in two minutes. Today's question is how do I speed up a slow WordPress site? So you want to keep your plugging count low, try to aim for 25 plugins or fewer active plugins or less, by the way, you should be deleting the ones that you're deactivating as well. That way then you don't have that security liability, but every active plugin is adding a certain degree of complexities to your site. And in doing that, it's every plugin slows your site down just a little bit. Now, all of those combined to just a little bit more slow, just a little slower, just a little slower, and you wind up with a mess. So you want to try to keep your plugging count as low as possible. And ironically, another idea is to add a new plugin and this one is actually a caching plugin and a caching plugin is going to compile a page for you basically. So that way, then you don't have to recompile the page every time it loads. And because it doesn't have to go through all of those calculations every single time, it loads, it's just going to display the cached page as it's called for the visitor. And that way, then you don't have to, waste a lot of time loading that page and potentially you lose your audience Images or an are awful images are also an often overlooked tongue twister. I mean, having a, having a megabyte image here, a megabyte image there, may you have a video that's loading in? Have I dunno, 200 megs? Do you know what I mean? So you want to go and try to keep that stuff low as well. So some things that that'll cash image or to bull shrink images are image optimizers. Okay. And hummingbird is actually one of the, uh, one of the bigger brands in that and smush that's by the same people and whatnot that, uh, smush will go in and smush your images for you. Your image as a promiser is also really popular. I'm looking at the star counts by the way, and how many installations they have. And by the way, I've seen their brands quite often. So that's another key indicator that they're popular. So, all right. So I hope this gives you some ideas on where you can optimize your site's speed. And if you'd like one-on-one assistance with a WordPress expert, how about today?


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