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How Do I Target A Location For A Local Service Looking For Customers To Visit?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. The question I've got in front of me here today is how do I target a location for a service that is local only, but it's also looking for customers to visit them? All right. So Google ads do have a feature that is, very much in line with this question. So I'm inside of my demo campaign hereunder settings, and you can see I'm in the geo-targeting section of settings. I'm going to center this on this screen so you can see it says, so I've already got Austin, Texas for this campaign right hereunder target. I've got this selected presence or interests. So this means people that are actually present in Austin, Texas, but also people who have shown interest in Austin, Texas. So if I have keywords about a pizza restaurant and I'm targeting Austin, but I've got this presence or interest radio by, selected the next it means, okay. People within Austin shore, if they're searching for a pizza restaurant, those are the kinds of searches that I can be eligible for, but also, people that are injured in Austin, Texas, and going to a pizza place when they get to Austin like on vacation, you know, I'm going to show to those folks as well. So that's basically how you address that. It's, you know, you're, you're staying, you're a local business. You're going to advertise to people in Austin. You know, choose your keywords carefully because, with this setting, you can appear to other people out there that do want to go to Austin and go to a pizza spot when they're there. So hopefully this answers the question. This is the main thing you want to keep in mind with your geo-targeting. If you have any other questions about Google ads and would like to work with the expert one-on-one please go to today. Thank you.


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