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How Do I Target Ads Locally To A Specific Group Or Niche?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help we're going to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how to target ads locally to a specific niche? So for this example, I have already created the campaign where I'm selling a hand sanitizer. So stop right now I'm on the ad set level. And this is where you're able to, make the adjustments based off where you want to target and who you want to target. So I'll go ahead and scroll, scroll down to where it says audience right here. So as you can see, based off my settings, are I already have I'm targeting Denver and then 10 miles from Denver. So if I want to target, let's say Los Angeles, I'm going to go ahead and click right here. And then I'm able to make the mileage or the radius around who I want to target too. So let's say I have more niche. So I want to do 10 miles too. So I'm doing Denver and Los Angeles. I know it's very broad but bear with me. So now from here, you're able to do the age. Let's say my demographics, 20 girls, and between 58. Okay. Now the most important part right here is the detailed targeting of what your audience is interested in. So your goal is to get it as close to your product as possible. So I have a hand sanitizer. So for this example, I'm doing people who are interested in health and wellness. So I figured, I figured that's a good correlation. So down here and the most important piece, but the one that's always usually missed is this part right here called the detailed targeting expansion. Now with this being unchecked, this means I'm staying relatively closer within my niche of health and wellness. Now, if I were to check it now expands it even more to people who are not so close to health and wellness, that might be a little bit interested in other things like beauty, maybe or fitness, for example, or like, like industries and markets. So for a more niche, I'll have unchecked, which you can see here changes in number as well, drastically to 5.4 to 1.2. So I hope that helps it. If you need personalized help with Facebook Ads jump over to and work with an expert today. Have a great day.


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