How Do I Utilize Google Adwords Ad Extensions?


Hopps Team

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Hello and welcome to Hopps. My name is Ken. I'm a certified expert in Google ads and Google analytics. And today we're going to talk about some different options when it comes to the world of extensions. So extensions are really great way to drive traffic, either from your landing page, which you usually would have an individual or user click on for your Google ad to other areas such as book now, such as contact us, meet the team, learn about other services we offer. And so I'm going to go ahead inside of our test campaign, I have ads and extensions dropped down, or you clicked. I'm going to click on extensions and this is our table view. So when I click on create an ad extension, I have options again, such as site link and call out and structured snippets location. The extension is really great. If you have a physical brick-and-mortar location, uh, where you have a Google my business page, and you're trying to drive traffic, maybe to that page, answer questions about trying to get people in your store, location, and things on that aspect. If you have questions or want help one-one with one of our Hopps experts today.


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