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How Many Ads Should I Have Per Ad Group?


Hopps Team

Hi there and welcome to Hopps. My name's Canada asserted and vetted expert in the areas of Google ads and Google analytics. And today we're going to talk about how many ads you should Have within each ad group. So Google's best practice from my years of experience and talking with numerous partner agents, which means individuals that we actually have at Google that are strategizing with us to grow our client's account. Not only in terms of making our advertising dollars stretch the furthest, but also making sure we're optimizing the accounts and Google's best approaches and practices is three ads. So that is re-expanded text ads. Now, Google has also launched something recently called responsive search ads or RSAs. Our assays are really great because it starts using some machine learning to be able to better refine approaches and serve those ads to customers. We usually suggest using a mixture of both or one or the other. If you'd like more advice or help book a consultation with one of our Hopps experts today who can provide you with expert-level insights and the latest research And data.


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