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Need Dynamic Ads Feed Set Up Help?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we answer calming asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is I need help with my dynamic ads to feed setup? So I don't have access to their actual dynamic feed account or their ads manager. So I'm going to go ahead and hit on two major points of what you need to do for dynamic creative. So I started off on my ad set level, which I named dynamic ad set one. And so if you scroll down a little bit, you'll see dynamic creative. So you want to go ahead and enable that on the ad set level now on the ad level, as you can see, I have the ad connect to the Facebook page and Instagram page. Now I'll go ahead and add images. So right here, go ahead and add, multiple images to the account. So I'm going to go ahead and just add like these because I want to test for images. Now I can go ahead and edit them based off on their sizes, but they're all the same size. So I'll go ahead and work with that. So that's how you test dynamically. The creative, are like the images nowhere for primary text, you're able to put whatever you want, but make sure that, you know, this is at that dynamic, ad to have multiple headlines or primary texts. And you want to do that for all the options you can. So the headline has a few in their description, have a few in there as well. Because ultimately with what's gonna happen is that they'll all end up putting the same ad. So they'll make it so that this audience might get, you know, test this audience might get test B or, or test a and B. But they'll all ultimately end up in the same place. So, don't worry about them going differently. This is why it's kind of, not the best route. If you have a single product that you weren't familiar with. So let's say you had 10 products and each product has its own landing page. I would not recommend doing this way because they all, if, this way that we do it all end up on the same landing page. So maybe add a collection. If you want to send it to a collection of products, that'd be the best route or maybe to like how we're doing. We have this all going to the same URL. So you go ahead and put all the different types of texts, uh, headlines, the URL. And of course, the call to action, learn more shop now or whatever works for you. I wouldn't play around with this one too much. But you can, and then make sure that the pixel is always enabled. That's always important and then go in and hit, publish, and then turn it on. So I hope that helped if you need any one-on-one help with Facebook ads, just hop on to work with live experts expert today, have a great day.


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