What Are Positive And Negative Keywords In Google Ads?


Hopps Team

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Hi there and welcome to Hopps, my name's Cat and I'm a certified and expert in the areas of Google ads and Google Analytics. And today we're going to talk about positive and negative keywords. So positive keywords based on the image you're seeing on your screen currently or just the keywords or search terms that you want to try to target to try to get a new business or accomplish your business objective. Negative keywords are either keyword you are trying to exclude based on maybe having products that you have for sale. But you don't want people to say going to maybe Amazon or Wal-Mart or another national chain like that or don't want to target that type of traffic. Or maybe you look over time in what's called the search terms or the search term report in this particular area here, you'd actually be able to see keywords related to people, searches that brought them to your ad and took action on your ad either as a click or an impression. If you have questions about any of this or you're looking to just get further help, book a consultation today with one of our awesome Hopps experts. https://app.hopps.io/session/create


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