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What Are The Advantages Of Facebook Ads Conversion Targeting?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in under two minutes. The question we're going to answer today is what are the benefits of using the conversions campaign objective for my ad? This is a great question. And I would definitely love to answer this question. So the first thing you want to look at, you know, obviously here is why would you use conversions as your campaign objective versus something else? The conversions campaign objective is fantastic because you're getting high-quality traffic that is already done transactions online. This is all verified through Facebook. They have an entire basket of people that make online transactions. And so when you use conversions as your campaign objective, you're getting what I would like to call some of the highest quality traffic. Now you will be paying a bit more for this higher quality traffic, but you will also be getting what you're looking for, which is revenue, right? So that's the first reason why the second reason why is I'm going to show you when you go out and create a conversions campaign and you go to your creative, right? You can use call-to-actions like shop now. Okay. So why does that matter? Because you can't really use this call to action on any other objectives, right? And so it's a lot more powerful than you would think because it's a clear call to action and you want people to purchase, right? So it's a lot more powerful than you think. And I know it just sounds really silly that all, you know, it's such a big deal, but it really is a big deal. Um, people have tested this in multiple different ways and shop now and buy now with these sort of strong call to actions work. I mean, just look at, um, you know, look at infomercials and look at late-night television, right? Look at all those things and look at how they do that sort of stuff. Uh, and that kind of wraps it up. So really it's just to increase the quality of traffic in your ads. Um, overall is really the big sort of, you know, take away from conversion ads. You don't always want to use conversion ads. Like if you're running to a lead page that might not be the best time to use a conversion ad, you might want to run something that is more on the lead side, but if you have a product or service-based business, and you're trying to sell something on a landing page, conversions may be the way to go do research on your business before you create any of the ads though mentioned in this video. So I hope that helps if you need any additional help with Facebook or Instagram ads, just make sure to hop on to work with a live expert today.


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