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What Are The Most Popular KPI's Used For E-commerce?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is what KPIs or key performance indicators do you use for e-commerce? So, as you can see, I am using my test to conversion campaign in which I broke it down into what I think is most of the basic eight KPIs. You need to be watching if you're doing e-commerce or, um, direct to consumer sales, um, which is the first one is reach impressions, link clicks, landing, page views, content views adds to cart purchases. And then most importantly is your return on ad spend, which is how much are you spending versus how much you were actually selling. And so the difference in all these is that reaches pretty much who or how many of people I can reach, right? So let's say I have a hundred people in a room. I reach all of them. So that's a hundred reach. Now let's say that each person saw it twice. Now that is 200 impressions, 100 reaches. Now let's say 50 of them clicked on my ad. So that is one, uh, 100 reach, 200 impressions, 50 link clicks. Now from there, let's say that they went onto my, to any page or my website. Let's say they landed on it. And then didn't really do much. They kind of like looked at it and then got out. Now that is considered a landing page. So let's say half of them did that. So now at 25 landing page views. So I went to 50 to 25. Now content views are when they actually kind of engage with the page or scroll and see on, on the page for a good amount of time. So that is what content view is. Now let's go ahead and say that 10 people stay from there. So 50, 25, no to 10 people. Now let's say that they saw the product, they liked it, and now they add it to the cart, right? They press the add to cart button. Let's see, eight of them did that. So now they are considered eight, add to cart. Now let's say four of them bought it. So now I'm at four for purchases, eight, add to cards and then Snell, whatever I spent on that campaign and whatever I sold will be my return of ad spend. So I hope that helped, uh, it gives me a more in-depth review on this, or just one-on-one help with Facebook ads, hop on to work with a live expert today. Have a great day.


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