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What Aspects Should I Take Into Account Before Purchasing A Premium Theme?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. So today's question is what aspects should I take into account before purchasing a premium thing? So one of the most popular themes out there is a Vata and popularity in a theme is extremely important. I'm going to show you how many sales they made on here. I'm on, by the way. And as long as they still allow you to view that stuff, that I will show you that if for some reason that's not, it's up here. No. Okay. Here it is. So over half a million sales and that's how many people have purchased the license to use this thing? The number of comments on it as well is 35 and a half thousand comments readings. Over 24,000 ratings. It's got an excellent score for, uh, how many people have rated it. It's almost five stars all over 24,000 ratings. That's good. And it's very, very good. Now, why is all this stuff important? All of that stuff is important because if you don't have the popularity, you're not going to be incentivized to keep up with your theme. That means it might not work with the newest WordPress. If it's not popular, it might wind up being so bug-ridden that people just get use to it. It might have so many security breaches that your site is getting hacked through this theme, things of that nature. So you don't want to do those things. You want somebody who's going to be actively keeping up with the theme is going to be incentivized because people are actually using the product incentivize because it's a, it's a paid product as well. Of course, and people are using it. It's paid product. That value is going to seriously go in and make them excited to keep going with the project. So those are the things that you're going to look at aside from what your theme can actually do, do that you need to do so with having, and by the way, this is an Avaya 7.3. That's a far cry from 1.0, so they've been updating it, you know, updating and updating and update. And this isn't the only popular theme either. And by the way, I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything for, uh, showing you this one. There's also X the theme and whatnot as well. And I just showed you this one, because I know this one's immensely popular and it's one of the most popular on their marketplace. So, all right. So those are the things to look for. If you want one-on-one assistance with the WordPress expert, hop on today.


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