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What Is An A/B Split And When Would I Use It?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes the question for today is what is a b split and when would I use it so we go ahead and start off on the campaign level to make sure that it's enabled that CBO is disabled since that's a whole different strategy uh once you publish your campaign then you're able to actually make the split so the question is what is an av split test. So I have this image here that kind of breaks it down a little more visually where we have one a and then two is b here we'll go ahead and call these images the adds so as you can see we have the difference being the circles so this is what Facebook is testing for example on the split test so for example and a strategy I like to use uh when doing an a b split is I don't test anything more than once nor do I test any variations uh any more than one variation at a time so meaning if I were to make these my ads right as I have this ad for a and this ad for b and the only thing I change are the order of these that's the only thing I would change I would keep the video layout the same I’ll keep all the copy the same and maybe I’ll just change the variations of these three for whatever reason or maybe the copy of these just something small where to whereas if you look back on the campaign or the data you're not looking back at okay what worked okay and what did we change well we changed the headline here and the headline here and the image here but what was it that made it actually works now we know it's these three but what was it that was actually the winner so instead of falling to that problem I always do smaller like smaller changes and then if I had to create more ad sets more campaigns to test more variations that's what I would do. So, I hope that helped, if you need help with Facebook ads one-on-one, please hop on at Hopps at to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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