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What Is Quality Score And How Do I Improve It?


Hopps Team

Hi there and welcome to Hopps. My name's Ken and I am a certified expert in the areas of Google ads and Google analytics. And today we're going to talk about how to improve your quality score and what does quality score really means? So quality score has several different ranking factors. So some of those might be the actual keywords within the ad group that you select. So for example, Google likes to see tightly themed ad groups of somewhere between 15 to 20 or 25 keywords that are all closely related to each other. In a theme of a sort, they're also looking for your landing page experience, coupled with what the keywords you're trying to target are the bid. For example, if you're using the manual CPC bid strategy or the dollar amount you're willing to spend on that particular cost per acquisition return on ad spend, whatever that strategy might be, as well as your ad copy. So there are several factors such as your click-through rate that are also impacted as well as historical data in your account to better understand some of this book, a consultation with one of our awesome experts of Hopps today.


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