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What Is The Best Strategy For Promoting Planned Publications?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help we'll be trying to answer commonly asked questions in under two minutes. The question we're going to answer today is what is the best strategy for promoting planned publications? So we're going to be going over a few different strategies for your plan publications. Um, and then we're going to add in a little bonus strategy at the end. So stick around and let's get to it. The first strategy I want to talk about is your event responses, which are going to be an engagement campaign. So you can set up an engagement campaign that is event responses type, which will allow you to make advertisements for events that are upcoming, that are on Facebook, and off Facebook. And what do I mean by that? Well, on Facebook is like live events. So Facebook lives, you could make an event response and try to get people to say that they're going to attend the Facebook live. Another way you can do it is that you can have them attend maybe an offline event or something. That's more of, you know, a business event. So let's say you're doing a promotion that you're going to give away a free slice of pizza, you know, to everybody that comes in well, then you could run that event and say, it's going to be pizza day, right? So those are a couple of ways you could use it on that responses. Another thing you could do is lead generation. Now with lead generation, you could actually use this type of ad, send people to a page that captures emails that would capture calendar links, right? So people can click on a calendar link and there'll be able to schedule for your event. So you can use lead generation and kind of do more of a customizable approach to your plan publications, and actually send people from Facebook to a website. And that's another way you can do it. That's a little bit more of your own way. So you'd actually need to create a funnel and use lead generations to send people to your website. The last thing I want to talk about is retweets, or I'm not sorry, retargeting. So if you go to a new ad set, okay, and you scroll all the way down and we are going to go to custom audiences and we are going to talk about retargeting. So go to custom audiences, go to create new, go to a custom audience. And we are going to go into the Facebook page. Now, why are we going here? Because inside the Facebook page, under these events, there are many different ways that you can run retargeting ads to capture people, to come back to your Facebook page. And that would be another great way that you can use these ads for planning publications. You could run retargeting ads to get people to come back to your page or your website. So I hope that helped if you need any additional help with Facebook ads, make sure to hop on to work with a live expert today.


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