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What Strategy Do I Apply If The Facebook Ad Only Runs For 1 Day And Then Stops?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps to answer questions in two minutes. The question for today is what strategy do I apply if the Facebook ad only runs for one day and then stops? Great question. So from my experience and my example, I'm going to go ahead and would say to use the AB testing strategy, I would not use a CBO strategy because this is not good. This is not give the CBO campaign adequate time to spend, and to also collect data, right? Since this scenario is only for one day in stopping, the same can be said about, about the ABL strategy or the ad set budget optimization strategy. As that kind of follows in line with CBO. And I don't believe it will give it enough time to adequately spend and get you the data that you need off of the one day, turn on and turn off. So that the strategy I recommend is the AB test strategy. And that is because if we're going to be running an ad for one day, I want to go ahead and try as many as I can to see which one responds better. That way I can go ahead and take that the winner ad, right, for example, and move onto the next phase, even though I'm testing for one day. Right? So how that would be built out is that as you can see here, I've kind of already built it out. So I have one ad set in one ad, right? So this, this would be the ad that's running for the one day four or $5 for example. But now I want to go ahead and do this AB split strategy. So there are two ways I can do this. I can one quickly duplicate it on the, within the same ad set. So as you can see, it'll fall in line with this ad set one. And then at this point, if I don't change the ad, I'm going to be competing with myself. So make sure if you do this, you change something within the ad, whether it be the image, the copy, or even maybe if you can, the URL and see, which does better rights. Now I can see, okay, eight ad one is doing much better than ad two because I changed the ad to the headline for the ad to now it's not doing as good, right? So that's one way you can go ahead and do this AB split test. The second one too, as well is you can create a whole new ad set. So super simple, go ahead and go to your asset action menu quickly, duplicate. And now this allows you and give you the opportunity, opportunity, excuse me, to go ahead and keep the ad the same if you'd like, so I can go ahead and make. And if these ads are the exact same, that's fine. Because then on the asset level, I'm going to put this as number two. Um, I can go in and change the audience, right? That is how I'm gonna test this. So one's testing that the copy or the image now, um, now I can go in and test the actual audience, or I can test the same ad with a different audience. So I hope that helps if you need any one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads hop on Hopps at to work with experts live today, have a great day.


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