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How Do I Correctly Set Up Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking (It Tracks Only 1 Out Of 10) 1?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help answered coming us questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I correctly set up a Facebook pixel for my conversion tracking? Great question. We're going to start off in the events manager to get here, log into your ads manager or your business Facebook account, go to business tools and find the events manager. Once you're here, you will see a screen, very similar to mine. As on the left-hand side, you will see the pixel, and then all the events are all the information basically of that pixel on the middle screen here. So essentially we're going to go ahead into is that for this example, I'm going to use an organization that is very near and dear to my heart called recycled for veterans, a great organization. If you have time to check them out. It's great. So from here, I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to accurately and easily set up your website for events like you see mine for someone to do a purchase or contact or initiate checkout. So how do we do this? So go ahead. And like I said, hop into your events manager. You'll see this little icon here is a little button that says add events. We, since we have a pixel already installed on the backend, we will go and select from the pixel. So we'll use their little tool, which is extremely helpful to go ahead and create those action events or, those events. Once you see this, go ahead and press the open event tool. You want to go ahead and copy and paste your, your, your URL paste into here, and then open up a new tab. As you can see here, it will be the same exact layout. It's your website basically, but you'll see something a little bit different. You go ahead and read this, get started. So as you can see here, I created these events not too long ago, actually yesterday. And so to track a new button or to track a URL, right? So let's say that this is one of the biggest buttons on your website that you want to make sure it is tracked. So go ahead and go to this very top left and press the track new button, and then most likely it'll the Facebook events tool. Pick it up as a button. So you'll click on that actual button that you want to go ahead and track. You'll see here that it says select events. So let's just say that this is a lead. Let's say that someone says, Oh, summit, my information. And it turns out to be a leader. I'll go ahead and select the lead. Now it's gonna ask me for a value. So let's say that every time someone clicks that button or that lead button, you profit $20 or they spend $20. So you can go ahead and choose a value. If you have a price for that button, for example, I don't. So I'll go to press, don't include value. It's okay. If you don't, it's no big deal. It just helps on the backend. So now press continues and you're all set. So now the next thing that you will want to go ahead and do is go through your website and making sure that all the buttons that are important to you and your business are all tracked and, and, uh, tracked and are on the events manager. Excuse me. So the second part of this video is going to be how to read the events and how to kind of navigate and fix those. So stay tuned. If you need any more, one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads make sure to hop at to work with a live expert today, I'll talk to you soon.


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