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How Do I Embed Youtube Videos In My Website Correctly?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help. We're we answer questions in two minutes. So, this question is how do I embed YouTube videos in my website correctly? So, as you can see, we have this one square, probably commercial pretty much. And we're going to go ahead and share it so we can get our code and bed code. We'll go ahead and copy that and yeah, Paste it here on my own thing first. Okay. So now I'm going to bring over our WordPress site and we're going to want to put it on this page. So how do we do that? No, we'll edit the page and we'll add a new block. Run an ad code. Actually. No, we customized HTML code is actually going to show the code to the visitor. So, you want custom HTML. Okay. So now we want to write HTML. So, copy the code that we got from YouTube and paste that on here. Now we can preview it and we see that we have our YouTube video here. So, let's go ahead and update this and we'll view the page. And we see that it's right here. So, we and there we go. So now it's embedded. If you want it moved over and everything like that, just go in and the style and everything like that. It's really themed-dependent at that point, but that's how you get it embedded into your page in the first place. If you want, one-on-one help with a WordPress expert, hop on it today.


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