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How Do I Force Users To Create A Free Account On The Site To Get More Details And Information?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. Today's question is how do I force users to create a free account on the site to get more details and information. So, for this, you don't need a full-blown membership system. Although you could use one and you just need some kind of content control. So, this content control plugin works perfectly for what we need. I've already installed it and activated it. So, for this one, we're going to go to settings, content control, and we'll add a restriction. Now we want to have it be logged in users. So this is just general. You can leave this blank for all the, all the different roles and everything like that so that anybody who's logged in will be able to do that. And then we go to protection. You can choose to redirect it or enter a custom message if they aren't well logged in, in this case, where will they be taken? If they're redirected homepage, custom URL login and back, et cetera. And then you also have content. So what content are we trying to protect here? So, let's do a selected there's selected post, and there's also a selected page, so we can restrict access to a short content page, and we must be a logged-in user And We'll be redirected to the login screen. And then back if we choose that, so let's just go ahead and do that. Okay. So now, oh, and we didn't enter a redirection title, so I'll just say tusk, just so we have something in that box. Okay. All right. So now I'm going to log out or actually first, I'm going to go to that page that we were on. We restricted this one. So, we'll go ahead and view this page. And now we're there. We can see it. We can log out, try to view it again, short content. I'm going to refresh because it's on that. All right. So, I'm going to read, I do my login and now I'm able to see it. So that's it. That's how you restrict content. All right. So, if you'd like one-on-one assistance from a WordPress expert, hop on it, today.


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