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How Do I Optimize The Initial Load Of A Website With A Large Volume Of Categories?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. Today's question is how do I optimize the initial load of a website with a large volume of categories? So, if you have a lot of categories, there are going to be a lot of posts attached to those categories and whatnot. Now, in order to optimize your site, you're going to want to go and prime the page cache. And that includes anything. That's trying to list those bins on that massive list of categories. So, w three total cash is an excellent choice for them. If we go to the performance page cash, then we see that we have a cash preload. So, if we are automatically prime the page cash and update it on a schedule, that's going to make it really fast to, load that, that page. So let's say that we have a really active site and we're constantly adding new categories every single day. Let's say you need five new categories. I don't know. There's something that's going to change that list of categories or there are lots of posts coming in May. We're a very popular news network or something like that. And we need to go and update this, this, these pages so that people aren't sitting there waiting for that entire page to compile, to do that. Use the automatic prime, the page automatically private page cache setting update. Then, the update interval will happen behind the scenes and you can set it to however many seconds you want. You could also preload the post cache upon publish events. So, if you publish a new post, it'll go and prime that cash for your new posts and everything like that is you post them. But that's how to go in and make sure that your pages are nice and fast. Okay. So if you'd like one-on-one help with a WordPress expert, hop on it, today.


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