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How Do I Prevent The Site Title From Appearing After The Name Of Each Page In My Custom Theme Title?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help or we answer questions in two minutes. So today's question is how do I prevent the site title from appearing after the name of each page in my custom theme title? All right. So one plugin that really does a great job of doing that is Yoast SEO. So let's go ahead and install and activate that, and I'll show you how to go in, remove the title from that. So activate that. And then on Yoast SEO, we're going to go to general search appearance. Let me see here trying to figure out which one has it. Yes, it is search appearance. Okay. So we have the general homepage title. Now notice this has site Tatum title right here. That's what we're trying to get rid of now in yours, it might actually be at the end, but regardless, we don't want this like title in there anymore. And if we scroll down, we can save our changes and then go to content types. Your posts will also have the site title. This one actually is at the end. So let's go and remove that and save that. There's also pages down here too if you want to remove it from the pages, but this basically just allows you to remove them from any of your page types in posts and everything else, anything you don't want that to appear on. They get rid of it. Also the separator you should probably be getting rid of as well. That way, then it's just the title, page, the title of the post, and then the page. And we'll just go ahead and just save it like this. Okay. So now those will be gone in the page title, for instance, that the, uh, tab of your browser or insert in search results, things of that nature. All right. So I hope this helps if you need one-on-one assistance from a WordPress expert, hop on it today.


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