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Do I Need To Make Landing Pages For My Ads?


Hopps Team

Hi there. My name's Kennon welcome to Hopps. I'm a certified vetted expert in the areas of Google ads and Google analytics. And today we're going to chat a little bit about what landing pages are and why they're important in the area of Google ads specifically. So when we actually look at Google ads on a granular level at the manual CPC bid strategy level, specifically, in this case, it's really important to note that quality score ad rank and some of those other algorithms and terminologies that Google throats at us particular marketing experts is important to have landing page experience taken into that factor, meaning that the keywords in the site link extensions and all those things that go into Google ads, that we're trying to get individuals to click from our ad tour landing page and convert them as a sale or a lead actually is relatable to the content on that landing page. And if you have questions about landing page experience or landing pages in general, feel free to book a consultation with one of our awesome Hopps experts today.


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