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How Do I Automatically Insert Tracking Numbers In Shopify?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps and we're going to briefly talk about adding tracking numbers to your Shopify store. So to answer your question directly, no, there is not a way to automatically add tracking numbers to your Shopify store. You have to do it manually. You have to have somebody do it manually. However, there is a solution coming soon for that. So what's happening here is when you have an order, come in, I'm sure you probably know this by now, but you'll have your orders. You'll go to your orders and you will simply go to set order. And if it's a FedEx tracking number ups, USP S the market's fulfilled, and then you will place for tracking number here. And it will, if it's USP as FedEx ups, it'll automatically, you know, switch over to the, to that perspective. One, be sure to select this button so that the customer gets the automated fulfilled email with the tracking number and in place. So yes, there is no way to automatically do this. You have to do it manually. However, there is a solution coming. It is called unify and unify is it's going to be an all-inclusive place for people who are running online stores more specifically for people who are doing online retail, and you'll, you'll be able to do many, many different things with unifying, but the coolest thing you'll be able to do with you, if I, as eventually, what you can do is you can put your connectivity to whomever you are sourcing your products from, have them build a unified profile for free. Everyone who does sourcing manufacturing has a free notify, a profile. And what can happen is when you receive your order, your Shopify account will ping, unify all the order information. You can log into unifying, click one button, and it will send all the order information to your respective manufacturer or source whomever to receive that order information. And when they received the, have their tracking number ready, all they have to do is simply put the tracking number into unifying, and it will then ping that tracking number into Shopify, and automatically you'll have the option to automatically let all tracking numbers, ping the Shopify and go straight to your customer without you having to log in and manually copy and paste them and, or miss emails in any of that. It'll be seamless unify right now is in beta stages. If you're interested in signing up for unify, all you have to do is go to is contact field at unifying. Okay. Contact me basically. And you'll be able to get right into that section and get you signed up on the beta testing. But to answer your question straight up, no, there is no way to do that. You have to actually do it manually at this current stage in time. Thanks.


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