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What Are Negative Keywords And How Do I Configure Them?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. This question is related to Google ads and is what are negative keywords and how do I configure them? So negative keywords are the opposite of your regular keywords. So, you set regular keywords in order to bid on certain things, and certain phrases that people search you set of negative keywords to let Google ads know. Please do not include my ads in the auction for this person's search. So, whatever you basically don't want to show for you include as a negative keyword. You can see some examples here. This is just a demo account. So, demo, demo, negative keywords, but I'm telling Google ads, look if Berlin or eBay or pudding or YouTube, if those things are included in a person search, even if that person is searching, using keywords that I like, if they include a negative keyword, don't show me in that auction, don't show my add to that person. So that's, what's happening with negative keywords. There are two main ways that I want to show you to add negative keywords. One of them is very easy to do from this screen. So, I'm inside of this negative keyword tab, just hit this plus sign and you just can list them out right here. Negative. Can your words just hit save? You can add them at the campaign level. You can add them at the ad group level. The other option is adding a whole list or, you know, compiling a list. And then it gives you a little more versatility with adding your keywords. The negative ones specifically. So, I'm up here at the top tools and settings. Go ahead and click that. And then you can see under the shared library, negative keyword lists. I've already created one and I've got it associated with one campaign. So negative keyword lists are great. They're powerful. Definitely a best practice I recommend. So you can add to an existing negative keyword list. So, this would be, if I wanted to add to this existing one, and down here, you can see the campaign it's associated with. But then also I can create a new negative keyword list from scratch. And I would do that right here. Yeah. All right. So, I hope that helps. If you have any other questions related to Google ads, positive keywords, negative keywords, and would like to work with an expert one-on-one please visit today. Thank you.


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