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What Is The Best Approach If I Want To Optimize Purchases Without Having Any?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help, where we try to answers questions in two minutes, the question for today is what is the best approach if I wanted to optimize purchases without having any? so this is a great question and so there are two approaches I would take in this situation. So the first approach is I would go ahead and create a remarketing or retargeting campaign by going to business tools as you just saw up here selecting audiences and then going to create audience custom audience and then the website will be the source essentially just going through this and including everyone who has visited the website in the maximum amount of days which is 180 days Facebook allows you to market people to and then creating an audience from this and then going that approach to essentially re-engage and re-target the ones who have already been to your website right. So that could be an avenue that you might want to try but now let's say that you don't have enough traffic kits or you don't have enough built up audience to target anyone too right, like you're kind of starting from scratch and so that approach or with that being said the approach I would take let me go ahead and load up ads manager is I would go ahead and start from the foundations right knowing your audience defining your audience and targeting that audience with the right creatives and the right engagement that way you can either one get those purchases that you want or to just build up the audience that you want your website that way you can create an efficient and effective remarketing campaign which I think is the bread and butter to a lot of businesses right and so essentially what that would look like is going to create and I always recommend since if this situation is a new audience or it's a new ad account doing something more than cheaper slide which is a lower bid objective like traffic or engagement as opposed to conversions or lead generation right. That costs a bit more money because that's at the bottom of the funnel essentially so I always go for engagement as I think this is a really good thing for your buck and so you would select the type of engagement you want and essentially just go through this process by going to your ad set level and then your ad level and creating and defining your audience and then really figuring out what they respond best to and so that is the resp the avenue I would take is just to go ahead and build up your traffic kits right set them to your website by using a traffic objective campaign or create that community or engagement by using the engagement campaign that we just created right. So there are multiple ways to do this it does take the time it might take some dollars too but it'd be worth it because once you build up enough data on that pixel that you've installed on the website then running an effective remarketing campaign is always useful. So I hope that helped if you need one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads, hop on Hopps at to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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