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What Specific Data Can An Advertiser See?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question you're answering today is what specific data can an advertiser see? Great question. There's a lot of data that an advertiser can see. So, let's just try to pull up the data that you can see. So go to settings, actually, I'm sorry. Go to and go to your ad’s manager, which is on the home page. And this is what it will look like. Go to columns off to the right are two columns. Click on that and click on customized columns. Now, once it loads here, this is all the data that an advertiser for Facebook can see. Now you can click on any of these checkmarks. You want to add them to your columns, and if you want to learn what the columns are, just put your cursor over it and read it so you can see them there. It tells me attribution setting is at a refresh impression, right? And it will show you exactly what all of this information means. Hope that helps. If you need one-on-one help with a Facebook ad specialist, just hop on to work with a live expert today.


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