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What To Do When An Ad Gets Fewer Clicks Than Others?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps help and we're going to talk about what you do when you are running a Google ads campaign. And you're getting multiple, sorry when you're running multiple Google ads, campaigns, and you are getting fewer clicks and what to do in that situation, I'm going to speak specifically about Google shopping campaigns and what to do when you kind of have that situation. Obviously, the base, the basic thing you can do is just up your cost per click, right? However, if you're running a certain type of system, you can actually effectively do it without necessarily breaking the bank on your budget. So, I personally run a three-tier shopping campaign system. And part of the thing that allows for me to run the system really well is I have what's called a shared budget for my three-tier system. And I'm not going to get into the ins and outs of the settings and specifically what the three-tier system does. But one thing that you can do as you can effectively grab you, let's say you're running a two-tier shopping campaign system. You've got multiple shopping campaigns running at the same time. What are you going to do is grab those two campaigns and put them under the same budget? Okay. So you can go to shared budgets under the shared library, and then you can create a budget and then apply that budget to set campaigns. Okay. Now the reason why I bring this up is that when you have a shared budget, now you have everything tied under one roof. And then the next thing you can do is effectively upped your cost per click within that budget. And the algorithm will understand what to do with that. So, the next thing you're going to want to do isn't is then also up your cost per click within that tied shirt budget for the specific campaign, which's getting fewer clicks. Okay. And on top of that, you can also do search term optimization. Now I'm running a three-tier system, which is really a filtration system where I'm filtering search terms to land in certain campaign tiers. My one that's labeled high priority is where I would like to see generic search terms show up. So, in this case, the store is selling like wine coolers and kegerators and coffee machines, right? So, I want to see generic search terms in this particular type of campaign. And then in my medium priority is where I want to see brand names, search terms, and then my low priorities where I want to see even more specific. So, like brand name, product, plus product name, plus skew number kind of thing. So, with the search terms, when you S when you optimize your search terms and up your cost per click, on that particular ad, you can create the filter. You can create this filtration system that allows for the algorithm to give you the best bang for your buck. And we'll start to send the right type of traffic to the campaign that wasn't really getting much of. Wasn't really getting much attention to begin with. So, to give you an example here, I'm in my high priority, which is my generic campaign system, and I'm going to go to the search terms. All right. And in the search terms, you will see here, espresso machine, super generic and it's, and it's a very generic wine fridge, large wine fridge, beer crawler, right? These a very, very generic search terms that I would like that I'm definitely wanting to pay for, for this particular campaign tier. Now, when I go to my medium, you'll see that my search terms are more brand-specific. Now, the reason why this is happening is that I also have a generalized negative keyword list here. That's helping the system happened, but it's basically everything is showing up the way I want it to in my medium campaign tier. So, check this out. We have Astro coffee, a coffee machine Kago kegerator. Well, guess what, it's literally the name of the brand of the product in here. And that's exactly the type of search term. I want to show up, see, show up in my medium campaign. So, by upping my cost per click and doing search term optimization, you should effectively, Oh, and also tying your budgets together. You should effectively be able to get everything together so that you begin to get more clicks into that system. And also having a negative keyword list in total is also really good as well. So yeah, there you go, hope this answers your question. Let me go over the negative keyword list. I have a master negative keyword list for this, right. And that negative keyword list has a bunch of different things in it. So yeah, let me know if this was good to answer. If not, we can answer it more in-depth at another time. Thanks.


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