Where Do I Change Device Options?


Hopps Team

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Hi there and welcome to Hopps. My name's Ken, I'm a certified expert by the Hopps staff. I specifically focus on Google ads and Google analytics. And in today's video, we're going to walk you through our demo account within Google ads on how we change our device, targeting options. So, as you can see, we set up a generic test campaign to show you that we can tweak device bidding at the campaign or at the ad group structured level. So, if we're going to change it from the campaign level, which I'm in this particular campaign, so if I drill down further into this test campaign here, we're going to be able to click on devices on the left-hand side and then be able to see our targeting options at the campaign level. Now, if I'm running multiple ad groups, it's important that maybe I want to have more flexibility and changing that at the ad group level than at the campaign level. So, I just drill down further into the ad group, and then I click on my devices and I have the same options to tweak that. Thanks for checking on Hopps and if you need more help, feel free to book one of our specialists today to answer any of your questions.


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